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Posted: March 3, 2017
After a lot of encouragement and requests, TCM is finally having a "Dan Duryea Movie Night"! This is set for broadcasting on the night of March 31st. The first of five films kicks off at 8:00p.m. Hopefully, you can record the program, because "The Pride of the Yankees" doesn't begin until 3:30a.m. So, tune-in your sets and break out the popcorn! The movies are playing in the following order:
Winchester '73
The Underworld Story
Another Part of the Forest
Scarlet Street
The Pride of the Yankees

For more info, check out the TCM schedule by CLICKING HERE.

This also brings me to another small piece of news which totally slipped under the DDC radar. Another Part of the Forest has now been released on DVD through the Warner Brothers Archive Collection! So, you can add one more of Mr. Duryea's films to your ever-growing DVD collection.



Posted: November 10, 2016
Thanks to Jerry, we have a brand-new (and super high-res!) lobby card from Mr. Duryea's 1954 film, Ride Clear of Diablo. Not only is it absolutely fabulous, but it's also extra special — since it's from my very favorite Dan D. film! This has now been added to the film page, or you can check it out right here by clicking on the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

If you have not already checked out Jerry's great site, then I would encourage everybody to do so! He has loads of fabulous pictures from classic-films:
Dr. Macro's Hi-Res Classic Film Photos Website



Posted: November 9, 2016
Mike Peros' fabulous Dan Duryea biography is now available to purchase at book stores and Amazon.com. DDC was excited to help by contributing a number of photos for this book, and it's great to see a wholesome and factual bio released about this long-over-looked actor. This book is a must for any Dan D. fan, that's for sure!

Click on this link to read DDC's review and comments about this fabulous book:



Posted: October 24, 2016
Announcing a new article addition to DDC! Dixie pointed me to this one, and she was even kind enough to supply the scan of the first page, as the version that I found was missing that crucial part! This is an article written by Dan Duryea for Modern Screen in April 1951. Dan describes God's work in his life through a major heart attack and the death of the Duryea's first child, a little daughter. This article gives a lot of background to Dan's pre-hollywood days.

Click on this link if you would like to read the article:
1951 "Modern Screen" Article: The Faith No One Could Teach Me

All of DDC's transcribed articles can be viewed on the Articles Page. There are a lot of other great articles to come, so check back!



Posted: May 20, 2016
Up next in our DDC updates are some fascinating articles — thanks to the help of long-time Dan D. fan Dixie! Dixie has been a fan of Dan's for decades and was even an official (and very active!) member of Dan's fan club in the 1950s. She's collected all sorts of articles over the years and is kind enough to share them with us.

The first two articles available here are as follows:
1953 "TV Star Parade" Article: The Double Life of China Smith
1955 "TV Guide" Article: Look Who's a Hero!

Each of these articles deals with Dan's private home life and his work in the "China Smith" TV show.

All of DDC's transcribed articles can be viewed on the Articles Page. There are a lot of other great articles to come very soon! I hope to finish typing them up over the coming week or two, so check back!



Posted: March 29, 2016
Today's new post is a fabulous 1946 publicity still of Dan in "Black Angel". This was, I believe, one of the pictures that he sent out in fan mail responses for some time. Just click on the picture here to see it at full size, or go to the "Black Angel" page to find out more.



Posted: March 28, 2016
Thanks to Richard M. (a distant cousin of Dan D.), there are two fabulous new pictures posted on the "Pre-Hollywood" page. In fact, with so many additions here, I'm thinking of expanding the page to a whole "Pre-Hollywood" section. The new photos today are a scan of a xerox showing Dan and Hewlett Duryea in some nice studio portraits. They appear to be highschool-aged young men, though there are no dates on the pictures themselves.


Just click on the pictures here to see them at full size, or go to the "Dan Duryea Before Hollywood" page to read more.



Posted: November 12, 2015
I just posted two new photos of Dan in his "pre-Hollywood" days. One of the photos is another shot from the Broadway version of "The Little Foxes" showing Dan in a scene with Tallulah Bankhead and others.

Dan Duryea Publicity Photo for 1937-8 Season at Westchester Theatre. Click to enlarge.The second photo is an absolutely fabulous publicity shot from the 1937-8 Season at the "Westchester Theatre".

Just click on the pictures here to see them at full size, or go to the "Dan Duryea Before Hollywood" page to read more.

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to e-mail comments about this site. I know that updates have been a long time in coming, but I have more than 100 photos ready to post over the Winter. Feel free to e-mail with questions or comments.



Posted: February 15, 2014
Nothing like keeping on top of the news! Even though I have posted new pictures, etc., I keep forgetting to put a note in here.

Today, I've added a review of Jospeh Fusco's new book, Duryea: The Movies. This is the first time that any book devoted to Dan's career has been published. If you're a big-time Duryea fan, or you love the old series of film books called "The Complete Films of . . .", then this will be right up your alley.

Dan Duryea: The Movies by Joseph Fusco



Posted: November 26, 2013
An oil painting of Dan D. as "Black Bart" is up for auction on eBay. According to the ad and photographs, this comes right out of his estate. Read about it by clicking here.



Posted: October 24, 2013
After a year of calling Google Blogspot "home", Dan Duryea Central has moved to actual website pages. It's taken weeks to get everything moved over, but I'm pretty excited about the new pages.

This will be the place where I'll announce all new additions and pages. While transferring everything to the new site, I did manage to post two new photos (see below). They are included in the photos page and the "Duryeas At Home" page.

Top to Bottom: Dick, Dan and Peter Duryea.    Dan and Peter Duryea Hard at Work

Click on the pictures to see them at fullsize.