Dan Duryea's Western Films and TV Shows


Written and Posted by Sarah
Dan Duryea may be remembered for "heavy" roles in films like The Little Foxes or The Woman in the Window, but he was also well-known in his time for cowboy roles and Westerns. He starred in several B-Westerns, and he played the second lead in a lot of A-Westerns. He appeared with Gary Cooper and Audie Murphy, though it is his role as "Waco Johnny Dean", opposite James Stewart in Winchester '73, that is best remembered. My personal favorite is Dan's performance as "Whitey Kincade" in Ride Clear of Diablo.

This is by no means a complete list of Dan D.'s Western roles (see TCM or IMDB), rather it is an ever-growing list of the western movies and tv shows covered on this website. As I add things online, the film/show names will appear in this list. Just click on the name of any film listed below. I'm continuing to post new things all the time, so if you don't see what you're looking for just keep checking back! You can also send an e-mail to me at DanDuryeaFan@columbus.rr.com

The following list is chronological. Just click on any title to learn more. Films are shown in plain type, while TV shows are shown in italics.

Along Came Jones, 1945

Black Bart, 1948

Winchester '73, 1950

Al Jennings of Oklahoma, 1951

Ride Clear of Diablo, 1954

Night Passage, 1957

The Cliff Grundy Story (for Wagon Train), 1957

This Man Must Die (for Zane Grey Theater), 1958

The Hills Run Red, 1967