Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951)


Dan Duryea starred in this 1951 B-Western with Gale Storm. Supporting players include Dick Foran, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and John Ridgely. This film is loosely based on the real-life outlaw, Al Jennings.

Posters and Lobby Cards


There seems to have been no shortage of posters released for this film, so here are three nice examples. The images are quite large. Just click on the posters to download or view them at fullsize. Thanks to Mike for helping me find several of the images from this film!








Al Jennings of Oklahoma: Thoughts on the Film


Written and Posted by Sarah
Dan Duryea starred as the title character in a short B-Western called Al Jennings of Oklahoma. This was made in 1951 between Dan D.'s other films, The Underworld Story and Chicago Calling. Gale Storm played the love interest, and the supporting cast boasted some well-known and reliable character actors, such as Dick Foran, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, John Ridgely and Harry Shannon. The story was based (apparently quite loosely) on the story of real-life lawyer-turned-outlaw Al Jennings. Despite these recommendations the film was not much of a success.

This has not been re-released on DVD and is not available for online viewing, so I haven't actually seen the film. The general opinion of the few people online who have seen it is that it's a cheap Western that doesn't hold up to the talents of the cast. People are comparing it to Mr. Duryea's other Westerns such as Winchester '73 and Night Passage, though, and that's not fair. Those are top-notch A-Westerns with stellar casts, and this is a short B-Western. Surprisingly, the 79-minutes of Al Jennings of Oklahoma was filmed in Technicolor. That's a rare treatment for this type of film, and it's funny that all of the photos were released in Black & White.

Dan Duryea plays a hot-headed youngest brother in this one who is, apparently, a bit of a cad (surprise!). Online reviewers seem to differ in their opinions about his performance, so we'll have to hope that the movie is released some time --- then we can all make our own judgement. Judging from the photographs, Dan sure looks good in the role (even if there does seem to be a slight discrepancy in his real-life age to that of his character).

If you'd like to read a blow-by-blow synopsis of the film, just CLICK HERE for the TCM page.