Zane Grey Theater: This Man Must Die (1958)


On January 24, 1958, Dan Duryea appeared as the star of the 16th episode in the second season of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater. This was Dan D.'s first of two appearances on the show. He played Kirk Joiner, a man falsely accused of murder and sentenced to hang.

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About the Photos: These pictures show Dan Duryea, as Kirk Joiner, from This Man Must Die. Carole Mathews played Dan's love interest, Libby. Click to see at fullsize.

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This Man Must Die: Thoughts on the Show


Written and Posted by Sarah
Dan plays the part of an innocent cowboy, Kirk Joiner, who has been condemned to the gallows. He has one night to track down the real killer and prove himself innocent. It's not a fancy western show, and probably didn't cost much to make, but the story is good. Duryea plays a likeable and honest fellow, and you're rooting for him the whole time. This is a more gentle role for Dan than usual, and Carole Mathews is perfect with him.

Of course, it's always a bit hard to see "Mr. Hanson" in anything but Little House on the Prairie, but he's actually very good. The final showdown for this episode is fabulous, and Dan D. gets a chance to pull off one of the coolest tricks with his gun! Keep your eyes on both of his hands! All in all, this is a very good half hour show and I would definitely recommend it for any Duryea fan.