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This page is for all of the Dan Duryea "miscellaneaous" that just doesn't seem to fit into the categories on this site. Scroll down for short items, or browse through the topics listed below. Also included are some links to other Dan. D. sites or articles that might be of interest to everybody (see below).

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Be sure to check out these other Dan Duryea pages online. Click on any link below for the sites to open in another window. These are all pages outside of Dan Duryea Central.

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Dan Duryea Book by Joseph Fusco


After all these years, someone has finally written a book about Dan Duryea's film career. This is not a biography, though it does have a brief biographical introduction, but it is more like the great old reference series 'The Complete Films of . . .'.

Dan Duryea: The Movies by Joseph Fusco

Dan Duryea Gum Card (1948)


Dan Duryea was one of thirty-six stars featured on gum cards distributed in 1948 by the Bowman Gum Co. The cards were 2 x 2-1/2-inches and inserted into packs of bubble gum. Mr. Duryea's card was #24, and features a smiling photo of our favorite star! Wouldn't it be nice to get a card like this in a modern pack of gum?!

Dan Duryea Bowman Gum Card Back (1948) Dan Duryea Bowman Gum Card Front (1948)

There is a very nice little article about this set of cards (it also includes a complete picture of the set and some variations). If you're interested in checking that out, just CLICK HERE.

Dan Duryea Cover for Karen Hannsberry Book


The only biography of Dan Duryea that I've been able to find, so far, is about eight pages in the fabulous book Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry.

I was actually able to acquire a copy of the hardback edition of this book. It was issued with a shiny cover, but without a dust jacket. One "bad boy" was pictured on the cover, and it wasn't Dan Duryea. That gave me the idea to design a jacket of my own, so here it is --- featuring all photos of our favorite film noir actor! In case anyone would like to print this themselves, here is the jacket (sized to the correct size of the book) on an 11" x 17" image.

I didn't make the "flaps" that fold over inside the book, as that would make the image too large to print on an 11" x 17". There is enough to fold over the edges, so that you can't see the lack of flaps. I just put my jacket in a mylar cover (like they use on a library book) which has its own flaps. This is my book in the jacket:

Dan Duryea Front Cover for 'Bad Boys' Book Dan Duryea Back for 'Bad Boys' Book