Dan Duryea's "Black Bart" Oil Painting


Written and Posted by Sarah (Tuesday, Novemebr 26, 2013)
Dan Duryea was a normal guy. And like a normal guy, he collected a bit of memorabilia (or should we call them "keepsakes"?) throughout his Hollywood career. I just discovered that one such piece from his personal collection is being offered for sale on eBay. It is a genuine oil painting of Dan in the title role of his 1948 Western, Black Bart. Click on the pictures to see them at their full size.


Not very much information is shared about the painting. It was painted by an artist named "Beauchamp", and they believe that it was painted in 1948. The painting itelf measures 16x20'', though with the frame it takes 25x29'' of wall space. The portrait used to hang over the fireplace in Duryea's "Den" in his Hollywood home on Mulholland Drive. Photos show the portrait as it looks today, as well as Dan standing beside it in his den.

I thought that this was a fun peak into Dan's movie collection. Actually, being offered at the same time is a frame full of Black Bart posters (actually used in the film itself). They also used to hang in Dan's den. This is certainly a fun opportunity for someone to own a real piece of Dan Duryea memorabilia!