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Large Plush Bilbo and Fili Dolls

Large Plush Hobbit & Dwarf Dolls

This page is dedicated to some of the coolest Middle Earth items in our collection. Our friend, Olivia, is really amazing (in more ways than one), and creating large plush Hobbit and Dwarf dolls is just one of her special talents. Her first doll in this remarkable size (Thorin) was designed to be a gift for her sister. Imagine, then, how thrilled we were when a big Christmas package arrived on our doorstep one afternoon in March (just a bit late) with two of these spectacular dolls just for us! And they were our favorite characters, too (Bilbo for Sarah, Fili for Elizabeth)! The shipment had been slightly delayed by the Mirkwood Spiders, so poor little Bilbo and Fili were all wrapped up in cloth "spider webs". It sure didn't take very long for us to free our new little friends, and they've been enjoying new adventures in Ohio ever since.

Bilbo and Fili Dolls ArriveBilbo and Fili at Their New Home

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Ever since their arrival, Bilbo and Fili have enjoyed trying out a variety of activities around the house. At their fun size (Bilbo's approx. 30" tall, Fili topping in somewhere close to a whopping 36"), these two pals can do an awful lot of fun stuff. They've played the piano, watched birds, packed Operation Christmas Child  shoeboxes, and planned a trip to visit their friends in Pennsylvania.

Bilbo Plays the PianoBilbo and Fili Dolls Look Out WindowFili Packs an OCC ShoeboxBilbo and Fili Plan a Pennsylvania Vacation

Living life at such a hectic pace, Bilbo and Fili have learned to enjoy some down time in a quiet room. You can't exactly call it naptime, because they are  grown-ups, but an occasional rest on our beds certainly does help them recharge their energy bars. Interestingly enough, our kitties just love them! Oliver is very partial to Bilbo, and Samwise absolutely loves Fili, so it's very common to find the cats snuggling with their Middle Earth friends.

Bilbo and Oliver the CatBilbo and Fili Get Some New Clothes

When Bilbo and Fili arrived at our home, they were slightly embarrassed by the fact that they were dressed in just their longjohns. We felt it necessary to live with them for a while, though, to let them develop personnae, before even beginning to finish the dolls off. Of course, there's always the option of sewing a complete costume for them, but that seemed too humdrum ordinary and unimaginative a way to treat these fabulous creatures. Bilbo and Fili weren't happy about the delay, but we explained to them that they needed to learn to be patient with us (easier for the hobbit then the dwarf, of course). After many months of looking around, we discovered that, because of their size, these dolls can actually wear real people's clothing, and this is really feeding our need to be creative about this. The photo above shows the beginning of their new outfits. Bilbo is wearing a pair of corduroy (3-6 months) Gymboree  baby pants and a 24-month onesie by Faded Glory. Fili is wearing a pair of 2T Old Navy  pants and a vintage (1950s) wool sweater which has been washed and dried a couple of times to reduce the size. Felting 100% wool sweaters in this way is a great option for these dolls. Actually, since the taking of this photo, we have switched to an adult Large 100% Wool sweater by Charter Club,  which we washed and dried about three times for shrinking. Even it didn't stay long, though, and Fili is now wearing (shown in photos below) the most fabulous felted wool sweater (which a friend inadvertently threw in the dryer) in a dark navy blue with two wonderful pockets on the front for holding his special keepsakes. All this to say that you don't have to be stuck with your first (or second, or even fifth, for that matter) choice when accessorizing these dolls. Part of their appeal is the ability to constantly find new additions to their wardrobes.

Fili's New Felted CoatFili's Coat from the Back

Bilbo and Fili are still great pals with Thorin (their friend in Pennsylvania), and are looking forward to the arrival of their soon-to-be-made friend, Kili. As a surprise for these doll friends, we made travel packs filled with personalized accessories which these characters would need on their Quest. Elizabeth also hand-sewed a beautiful pair of boots for Thorin out of faux fur, wool felt and leather. (Of course, Fili just had to try them on!)

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More photos and updates will be posted as Bilbo and Fili share other adventures or expand their clothing and accessories. If you'd like to discuss ordering a doll of your own (or custom accessories), then just browse through the info below and send an e-mail to us.


Plush Middle Earth Dolls:  Hobbit and Dwarf Characters

These dolls are handmade of high-quality anti-pill fleece with yarn or faux-fur hair (depending on your choice of character). Hobbits are approximately 30" tall, Dwarves approximately 36" tall. Hobbit dolls could be made with dark or light hair color, which allows you to choose between Bilbo, Sam, Merry, Frodo and Pippin. Dwarves can be made to look like Thorin, Fili or Kili.

Your doll will arrive in a custom-made union suit as shown in the photos below, though the exact style and color will vary with every doll. Each of these dolls is handmade as a custom order, so please allow THREE MONTHS for Olivia to make your doll.

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Hobbit Doll: $375.00 + Shipping
Dwarf Doll: $500.00 + Shipping