The U.S. Steel Hour: Hour of the Rat (1958)


On May 21, 1958, Dan Duryea appeared as the guest star of the 19th episode in the fifth season of The United States Steel Hour. This was Dan D.'s first of three appearances on the show. He played John Woodruffe, a British civil servant who cannot forget his experience as a POW in Japan during WWII. The show was presented "live" on the Steel Hour on Wednesday night. It was broadcast on Channel 2 (Chicago) at 9:00pm.

Press Photos and Newspaper Clippings



About the Photos: The first photo above was taken on May 19, 1958 during rehearsals. The second photo was used for publicity, though I'm not sure that it actually comes from the show. Click to download or view the pictures at fullsize.


Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Wednesday, May 21, 1958

U.S. STEEL HOUR --- "Hour of the Rat." An exciting play. An English civil servant, with a psychotic hatred of the Japanese brought on by a harrowing experience in a prison camp, thinks he sees his wartime tormentor at a business meeting. As a P.W. he swore to kill this man, and he now sets out to fulfill his oath. Writer Arthur Hailey has dropped all his characters almost too neatly into place, but he builds professionally to the expected climax. Dan Duryea is fine as the hunter, and Kaie Deei [Khigh Dhiegh] plays the hunted. (8:00p.m., Channel 13)


The Lima News (Lima, Ohio)
Tuesday, May 20, 1958

STEEL HOUR STAR --- Dan Duryea stars in an exciting drama, "Hour of the Rat," on "The United States Steel Hour" over the CBS-TV, Wednesday, May 21 (10:00-11:00 PM, EDT). Written for television by "Emmy" nominee Arthur Hailey, the story deals with a man who was brutally treated in a Japanese prison camp during World War II and years later meets and vows vengeance upon one of his captors.