Duryea Attorney's Letter


Thanks to everyone who followed us and helped make the Dan Duryea Central website the fabulous place that it had become. Sadly, the following e-mail was received by us (Dan's devoted fans) on May 23, 2016. If the family had just contacted us themselves, we would glady have explained. It's a sad world we live in.

We have love perpetuating the memory of a largely-forgotten actor while introducing Dan Duryea to a new public. While many of these "classic actors" have memorial websites run by their descendants, we were sad to find out that this was not the case with Mr Duryea so thought to remedy the situation. My sister and I have spent (and would have continued to spend) hundreds of unpaid hours to create an informative (and appealing) memorial website to a man who has brought so much enjoyment to so many people over the years. All images used on this website have always been royalty-free, uncopyrighted publicity stills.

P.S. The offending "commercialization of Dan Duryea's name and likeness for profit" consisted of the sale (several weeks ago) of one mug. The RedBubble items were uploaded (for only one month) at the request of one Dan Duryea fan who loved our website. Since we did not sell enough to receive any monies from RedBubble, this was just a favor from one Dan Duryea fan to another. Should the $3.75 (profit) ever be received by us, it will be donated to a charitable institute.