Minikin Character Doll

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Minikin Character Dolls

These dolls are ready to ship! They're probably one-of-a-kind, because Elizabeth says that she wouldn't try to recreate Mac's detailed outfit again (smile). If you'd like Jeanette and Nelson in a different set of costumes, just e-mail with your request, and we'll see if we can create a matching Minikin set for you. Custom orders, on pairs like this, take about six weeks to make.

This listing is for a unique pair of handcrafted Miniature Dolls, created in the likeness of Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy. Their costumes are loosely based on what they wore in the 1938 film, "Sweethearts". Each of our 4-inch Minikins is handcrafted with a hand-wrapped wire armature, needle-felted head, and clothing that's been carefully sewn with hundreds of tiny stitches. They are one-piece, non-poseable Character Dolls. No machine work. Nothing farmed out. No assembly line. Made by the two of us. One at a time. Just for you. And this is one of the cutest Minikin sets we've ever made!

Our Nelson Eddy Doll features wool hair; high-quality, wool-blend felt clothes; seed-bead "buttons"; lots of embroidery; and a needle-felted, merino-wool head.

Our Jeanette MacDonald Doll fairly sparkles in her pink dress and hat, which have been carefully created with a beautiful wool-blend felt. The sparkle comes from the glass seed-beads and metallic embroidery thread, all meticulously stitched on by hand. Underneath all this, we began with wool hair and a merino-wool, needle-felted head.

We can also make a family to look like any photograph which you have (as much as these look like Mac & Eddy, that is). Perhaps you'd like to have us memorialize your own family in true Minikin style. Just e-mail with your request.

Each of our 4-inch Minikins is handcrafted on a wire armature, from wool-blend felt and merino wool, one at a time, with hundreds of tiny stitches. There will always be slight variations in design and detail. Minikins are one-piece, non-poseable Character Dolls.