Minikin Character Doll

Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin Minikin Character Dolls

Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin, join our popular Detective Dolls series this year. This pair of 4" Minikin Handmade Character Dolls is traditionally dressed to suit the purist in every Rex Stout fan (down to the detective's Canary Yellow socks, tie and handkerchief).

Contact us to order your very own set of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin Dolls similar to the pair seen in the photos at right. Please allow three weeks for us to make these dolls.

Each of our Minikin Art Dolls is handcrafted, one at a time. While we'll strive to make them as close as possible to what you see here, there will always be slight variations in design and detail. They are one-piece, non-poseable miniatures.

The original-design clothes for Wolfe & Goodwin will be handstitched from a wool-rayon felt, Wolfe's watch-chain design embroidered with gold-metallic thread, and the heads entirely needle-felted by hand from merino wool. Hundreds of teeny-tiny stitches go into each one of our Minikins. We begin with wrapped-wire padded armatures, design and dress for each character's distinctive look, and top it off with a needle-felted head and hair. Top handmade quality in a little package!