Minikin Dolls from Tolkien's Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien's Heroes of Middle Earth (Legolas, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield)

Tolkien's Middle Earth and all the characters living there are just perfect for Minikin dolls. In fact, it was the Lord of the Rings  films that inspired us to make our very first Minikins. We set out to make the nine characters of the Fellowship of the Ring. It took us all winter, since we were not used to making the little clothes or patterns. I didn't even have a felting pen (just an applique tool), so the heads were made of flat felted pieces of white wool that were sewn into a ball shape. Dad made all of the little weapons and accessories (Boromir even has his Horn of Gondor!). Of course, looking back, we can see just how much our Minikins have improved --- but the original set still has a special charm of its own. See photos 2-6 in the right-hand column.

With the release of The Hobbit  Trilogy we have returned to the Middle Earth theme (see photo 1). Thorin Oakenshield was the first dwarf that we've made into one of these little dolls (see photos 10-12). He has felt clothes with needle-felted fur trim on his jacket. The dwarves are a bit of challenge (due to the amount of metallic thread and armour detail), but they are oh-so-cute when finished!

Bilbo Baggins was the next little character that we made. This doll is based on the little burglar as he appears in The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 7-9). We even had Dad make a very tiny wooden Sting! Personally, this is my favorite!

Legolas Greenleaf was next, and he is wearing the costume seen in The Hobbit  films (see photos 13-15). His clothes are wool/rayon felt, but his belts and straps are leather with wire clasps. He also has miniature arrows in his quiver and two wooden daggers or knives. His hair is blonde mohair.

King Elessar (aka: Aragorn or Strider) was another early Minikin interpretation. His costume is based on the one worn by Viggo Mortensen in The Return of the King  (see photos 16-18). His crown is made of goldtone jewelry wire, and his under-tunic is actually silk (first, and probably the last, time that we tried that!).

Bard and His Children (aka: The Bardlings) were inspired by a request from a fan. Their costumes are based on those seen in The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 19-21). The family can be ordered by the piece or as a set.

Bard of Laketown is made in his "brown" costume which is seen in The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 22-24). His clothes are wool/rayon felt, and he even has boots made from felted wool and cotton ties. His collar and coat trim are also hand-felted wool.

Sigrid (Bard's Older Daughter) is wearing her coat and costume which is seen in The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 25-27). Her clothes feature her heavy coat, a tunic and fancy skirt. Sigrid's clothes also have some fancy embroidery on them.

Bain (Bard's Son) is wearing his costume which is seen in The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 28-30). You can almost see him carrying a Black Arrow in his hand! His pants and furry boots are particularly cute. This is Elizabeth's favorite Hobbit Minikin!

Tilda (Bard's Younger Daughter) is wearing her coat and costume which is seen in The Battle of the Five Armies  (see photos 25-27). Being the youngest of the family, Tilda stands at approximately 3-1/2". Personally, this is my favorite of the Bardlings!

Middle Earth Minikins range from approximately 3 inches tall to just over 4 inches (depending on which race). All of the clothes have been handmade from a wool-rayon felt, with some seed beads, wire accessories and (in some cases) lots of metallic embroidery stitching to create the little costumes on the various characters. All heads have been entirely needle-felted from merino wool, and the hair is wool or mohair. It's all done by hand, with hundreds of teeny-tiny stitches in each Minikin. Always top quality in a little package!

All Middle Earth Minikin dolls can be made with or without a face. Please, let us know which you would prefer.

Each of our Minikin Art Dolls is handcrafted, one at a time. You will receive a Minikin made especially for you, similar to the one seen in the photos. PLEASE ALLOW TWO TO THREE WEEKS FOR US TO MAKE YOUR DOLL. There will always be slight variations in design and detail. Minikins are one-piece, non-poseable Character Dolls.