Minikin Character Doll

Dan Duryea Minikin Character Doll as Waco Johnny Dean in Winchester '73

If you're a true fan of the old Western movies, you'll have to agree with us that one of the quintessential bad-guys-in-the-black-hat ever to hit the screen was Waco Johnny Dean. Duryea plays against Jimmy Stewart's good-guy role, and the movie never has a dull moment. Besides which, he gives THE best western-bad-guy death scene ever caught on film (our own opinion, of course). Once you've seen the movie, you'll just HAVE to own this little doll. If you're not a Dan Duryea fan, then you can call this little fella whatever Cowboy name you choose. He's not very partic'lar about his moniker . . .

Our Handmade Minikin's wool felt clothing has been inspired by and loosely based on an outfit worn by Waco (played by the superb Dan Duryea) in the 1950 Western movie, "Winchester 73 ". Elizabeth did a wonderful job with the silver-metallic thread on his belt buckles and ammunition (enough bullets to fight every bad guy in town). Sarah needle-felted the pistols into the holsters. This cowboy is way too cool! (NB This is a one-piece character doll and nothing is removable.) This miniature Minikin Character Doll measures in around 4-1/2", slightly larger than the rest of our Minikins.

The felt clothing is all made by hand with hundreds of tiny stitches. The heads are needle-felted.

Each of our 4 inch Minikins is handcrafted on a wire armature, from wool-blend felt and merino wool, one at a time, with hundreds of tiny stitches. You will receive a Minikin made especially for you, similar to the one seen in the photos above. PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR US TO MAKE YOUR DOLL. There will always be slight variations in design and detail. Minikins are one-piece, non-poseable Character Dolls.