Custom Orders

How do you know what I want?
Ordering your very own Custom Order Minikin is pretty simple, actually. It just requires a bit of imagination and a little more patience. You just tell us who you’d like it to look like (e.g., a character description from a book) and let us do it all. You might send a photo of your relative or friend and ask us to make a Minikin that looks just like them. (Wedding Cake Toppers are a perfect venue.) Tell us which episode from a TV show, or a movie moment, has your character in a favorite outfit. Of course, you can always just send a screengrab with your character looking just like you’d like the Minikin to look. Take a good stroll through our store, and you’ll get a good idea of our style. Your Minikin will look as much like the person that you have in mind as these do to their live counterparts. Remember, these are miniature Character Art Dolls, not lifelike replicas!

How long does it take to make a Minikin?
It usually takes about 3 weeks to make a Minikin. Of course, much depends upon how many orders we have going at the time. You’re welcome to e-mail for an estimate of our current lead time.

Is there anything that you won’t make?
We do reserve the right to say “no, thank you”, when a suggestion is not in line with our own personal likes and dislikes. We will never craft what we consider to be rude, crude or offensive. No nudes or anything remotely connected with evil/Satanic practices (including Halloween figures). We do not work on Horror characters or anything vulgar by nature. We want your order to be an enjoyable project for everyone involved. Thanks for your understanding.

How/when will I pay for my Custom Order Minikin?
Once we’ve agreed upon the design for your Minikin, we’ll send a PayPal invoice to your e-mail address. When you’re ready for work to begin (but before paying), send a quick e-mail and ask for a current processing time. If the timing works for you, then all you have to do to get your Minikin started is to pay the full amount on the invoice and wait. That’s the hard part on your end – the waiting. We’ll take care of the rest!

Can I change my mind and get my money back?
I’m sorry, but there are no partial or full refunds available. Since each Custom Order Doll is handcrafted especially for you, we have no way of “recycling” doll parts from cancelled orders. Once the work on your special Minikin has begun, it’s full steam ahead! If you’re unsure about buying something before seeing it, we suggest that you take a look at our Shop page, where you’ll find quite a few ready-made Minikins for sale.