Rose-Marie: Brief Synopsis

Famous soprano, Marie de Flor, travels to the Canadian Rockies, in search of her brother, an escaped convict. Lost in the forest, she is rescued by a handsome Mountie, who (unknown to her) is also in search of her brother.

Rose-Marie: Full Synopsis

Marie de Flor is a famous Opera Diva on tour in Montreal. One night, at a party with the Premier of Canada, an Indian (Boniface) arrives with a message. Marie's younger brother, John Flower, imprisoned for holding up a cashier with a gun, has escaped from prison. He was wounded in the escape and killed a Mountie in his flight. Boniface found him and has taken him to his mother, who is caring for him.

Marie immediately leaves for the Rockies with Boniface to find her brother. At the last outpost before the wilderness, Marie stops at a store to buy suitable clothes for the trip, telling the storekeeper that she is on a fishing trip. Boniface steals her purse and runs away. Afraid to tell the Mounted Police about it, for fear that they will discover her identity, she tries to get a job singing in the local saloon.

Sergeant Bruce of the Mounted Police hears her singing and recognizes her for the Diva that she is and follows her. Her suitcase is waiting at the Mounties' HQ, so he accompanies her when she goes to claim it. The suitcase, being her maid's, is marked with an "R", so she says that her name is Rose. Bruce assumes that her name is Rose-Marie de Flor.

Bruce takes Marie to the Indian camp to search for Boniface. Marie finds Boniface alone and orders him to prepare for a secret journey that very night, not wanting Bruce to follow them. Meanwhile, Bruce is ordered to search for John Flower and arrest him for murder. It does not take long for Bruce to realize that "de Flor" is the Spanish version of "Flower". He decides to follow Marie, hoping that she will lead him to her brother.

At the first river crossing, Boniface runs away from Marie, leaving her alone in the wilderness. Bruce comes to the rescue, and Marie continues to pretend that she is on a fishing trip. Bruce offers to take her to the fishing lake, allowing the two of them to fall madly in love (of course), but all the while knowing that he cannot forget his duty. They split up when she is close to her destination, and she continues in "secret". John Flower is fully recovered and waiting to escape, but Bruce arrives to arrest him.

John is taken off to his execution, and Marie returns to her work on the stage. Heartbroken, she collapses on stage and goes to a lodge to recover. Knowing of her trouble, her manager, Meyerson, sends for Bruce. He arrives in time to answer her, as she sings their Indian Love Call. They live happily ever after, of course.