Needle-Felted Wool Sculpture

Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot Needle-Felted Wool Sculpture

Written and Posted by Sarah on March 11, 2015
This is the fourth needle-felted Poirot doll that I have made, and he has the honor of being the twenty-fifth doll that I've finished in the last five years! I had not planned on making another Hercule Poirot doll, but I received a very nice request from a lady who collects dolls. She loves the Poirot shows and had watched them all with her mother, and she wanted a Poirot doll to remind her of the nice times they had together. How could I refuse that?! Their favorite show was Death on the Nile, so I based this doll on a publicity shot of David Suchet from that episode.

This Poirot stands 9" tall (including his hat) and is felted in a non-poseable standing position. He weighs 2-1/4 ounces and was felted with .40 and .42 gauge needles. He is made of Merino and Cotswold roving, and his non-fiber accessories include a wooden cane with metal handle, a quill and bristle fly-swatter and watch chain with fob.

I was really thrilled to realize that this Poirot doll was the same scale as the Captain Hastings doll that I had felted a couple of years ago. Hugh Fraser's portrayal of Capt. Arthur Hastings is my favorite part of the Poirot TV shows, so it was fun to take a picture of the two dolls together (see final photo in column at right).

If you are interested in ordering your own custom-made Poirot doll, please click here. Your doll will look similar to this one but not exactly the same. Each Felted Doll is unique. It's the charm of needle-felting, and Agatha Christie's detective lends himself very nicely to this fiber art. Poirot's suit can be made in Light Grey, Cream (Travel), Dark Grey or Dark Brown. To see the other Poirot dolls that I have needle-felted, just click here or on the "Felted Doll Home" tab at the top of this page. Please allow FOUR MONTHS for me to make each doll.