Custom Orders

How do you know what I want?
Ordering your very own Custom Order Needle-Felted Doll is pretty simple, actually, but requires a good deal of patience and imagination. You may tell me who you’d like it to look like (e.g., a character description from a book) and let me do it all. You may send a photo of your relative or friend and ask me to make a doll that looks just like them in their ‘70s Leisure Suit. You may even tell me which episode from a TV show, or what movie moment, has your character in a favorite outfit. Of course, you can always just send a screengrab with your character looking just like you’d like the doll to look. I’ll work closely with you to make sure that you get just what you’re hoping for. Take a good look through the store, and you’ll get a good idea of my style. Your doll will look as much like the person that you have in mind as these do to their live counterparts.

Do you make Needle-Felted Wool Sculptures in anything other than human figures?
No, I don’t. I started by making animals and birds but soon realized that my passion (and talent) lent itself to sculpting human figures. I, particularly, love doing the faces. Since I can only make several per year, I like to spend my time doing what I love best.

Is there anything that you won’t make?
I do reserve the right to say “no, thank you”, when a suggestion is not in line with my own personal likes and dislikes. I will never sculpt what I consider to be rude, crude or offensive characters. No nudes or anything remotely connected with evil/Satanic practices (including Halloween figures). I do not work on Horror characters or anything vulgar by nature. I spend many months of work on a needle-felted doll and want it to be an enjoyable project for both you and me.

How long does it take to make a Doll?
It usually takes about 18 weeks (that’s four months) to make a Needle-Felted Doll. Of course, much depends upon how many orders I have going at the time. You’re welcome to e-mail for an estimate of my current lead time.

How/when will I pay for my Custom Order Doll?
Once we’ve agreed upon the design for your doll, I’ll send a PayPal invoice to your e-mail address. When you’re ready for me to begin (but before paying), send a quick e-mail and ask for a current processing time. If the timing works for you, then all you have to do to get your Fogleberry started is to pay the full amount on the invoice and wait. The waiting is often the hardest part, but – as Mama used to say – you have to wait for the good things in life!

Can I change my mind and get my money back?
I’m sorry, but partial or full refunds are not possible. Since each Doll is sculpted in position and made to closely resemble a particular person, we have no way of “recycling” doll parts from cancelled orders. Once the work on your special doll has begun, it’s full steam ahead! If you’re unsure about buying something before seeing it, we suggest that you take a look at our Shop page, where you’ll find quite a few ready-made Wool Sculptures for sale.