Needle-Felted Doll FAQ

What is a Needle-Felted Doll?
Sarah's Needle-Felted Character Dolls are three-dimensional (3D), Needle Felted Wool Sculptures. Each doll is designed to vaguely remind you of someone but still have a style all their own.

Where do you get your designs?
Sometimes the dolls quaintly caricature someone the customer knows and loves. Sometimes they’re just a figment of my imagination. All the time, these heirloom Wool Sculptures are handcrafted to my own original design.

How big is a Needle-Felted Sculpture?
These felted Art Dolls range from five to ten inches in height and weigh in at one to three ounces.

What do you use to make a Needle-Felted Doll?
Merino is my wool of choice, but a variety of natural fibers can be found around my work area. I use .40- and .42-gauge felting needles, which means that it takes a lot of “poking” to felt the wool. These tiny needles make for a smoother finish, however, than can be achieved with the larger-but-faster needles so popular in the Needle Felting world. Each sculpture is solidly needle-felted with natural fibers (dyed and un-dyed). No wire armature, frame, stuffing, or anything else hiding inside. I do not cut corners by using a cheaper wool on the inside of the body. The wool that you see goes all the way through. They are merino-soft to the touch and surprisingly lightweight yet quite firm and inflexible.

Who will make my Needle-Felted Sculpture?
All dolls are handmade in the USA by me, Sarah. Never any helpers, and nothing farmed out. It’s just me!

What if I don’t like the posture of a Needle-Felted Doll?
I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that can be done about a sculpture’s non-poseable stance, even if it’s only just been started. If you’re purchasing a ready-made doll from our Shop, it will stand/sit just as you see it in its photos. Once I’ve made the first stab at a Custom Order piece (a shoe usually comes first), the design cannot be altered. Standing or sitting, it’s what it is from the get-go.

How do I care for my Needle-Felted Sculpture?
Like all wool items, these dolls absolutely DO NOT get along with dogs, cats, or moths! It's nothing personal, but the lovely wool is just too much for your pets (not to mention the moths) to ignore for very long. Make sure that your dolls are kept in a protected area. A cedar-lined box or trunk makes a great hiding place. Don't leave them there too long, though, because they don't like the dark very much. They like to be admired. A glass-front hutch, glass dome or glass-front shadow box are all good choices. They love to be displayed, but I urge you to live with your character for a while before deciding how it should be done. Wool Sculptures are strictly for display and should never be used as a toy.