Thunder Bay (1953)


Dan Duryea starred with James Stewart, Gilbert Roland and Joanne Dru in this film. Supporting cast included Jay C. Flippen and Marsha Henderson. This was the first film to be shown in 1.85:1 Panoramic widescreen format with Stereophonic 'Directional Sound'. Despite these advantages, the film was slow-moving and lacking in plot advancement.

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By 1953, Dan Duryea had "come up" in the cinema world. His name is the same size as Jimmy Stewart's on the posters! Just click on them to download or view at fullsize.


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1952 Newspaper Clippings & Press Photos: Dan Duryea Hurt While Filming

Thunder Bay: Thoughts on the Film


Written and Posted by Sarah
The film Thunder Bay came out in 1953 and told the story of two ex-Sailors (played by Mr. Duryea and James Stewart) trying to make a go of an offshore oil rig in Louisiana.

Dan Duryea played Johnny Gambi, friend of Jimmy Stewart. He's out-going, friendly and out to have a good time. Fist fights and the like are thrown in throughout, and he ends up falling for (and marrying) Marsha Henderson.

My favorite moment of the film is the scene when Dan Duryea returns to the rig after getting married. He and Jimmy Stewart are in the middle of a fight when Duryea throws his arms out, grins in that unique style and shouts (at the top of his lungs), "I got married!"

Dan actually had a fall during the filming of this picture. He slipped off of the roof of the little tugboat that appears throughout the film. He suffered a broken rib, contusion and bruises, but was able to continue filming after a day or two of rest.

If you're interested in a blow-by-blow synopsis, just CLICK HERE for the TCM page.