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Catch up with Buddy's latest Adventures and find out what's going on in Henpeck.
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Stay on top of the latest updates, additions and news at the Buddy Davis Fan Club website.
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Buddy's LYRICS

Can't remember the words to a song? Find all of Buddy's song lyrics right here.
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Welcome to Our Fan Club

Welcome to the Official Buddy Davis Fan Club & Creation Adventure. We're Sarah and Elizabeth Garcia, close friends of the Davises and Buddy's biggest fans. This website is dedicated to the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the building of His Kingdom. No membership is necessary, so just feel free to enjoy this website (we've got lots of plans!). If you'd like to drop us a line, just click here.

The Making of a CD

Did you ever wonder how Buddy makes a CD? This is your chance to find out! We have behind-the-scenes photos, videos and stories about the making of Buddy's newest CD, Noah Believed. Meet the back-up musicians and the studio crew. This will cover everything from the composition of the songs to the demo recording to the final studio production.
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About Buddy

Click here for an up-close and personal look at Buddy's career as a singer and Creation speaker. Watch a 23-minute video of Buddy giving his personal Christian Testimony at an Answers in Genesis conference. You'll hear the story of how he joined with Ken Ham to build a creation museum. We've got lots of interviews to transcribe and photos to post. You'll even see Buddy in his Navy uniform!

Behind the Scenes

This is the special part of our website where we get to share a little bit of Buddy's private life with you, his fans. We'll take a peek at some of Buddy's off-stage adventures, as well as an occasional visit to his home. As long-time, personal friends of Buddy & Kay Davis, we've been privileged to know the man "behind the scenes". Lots of private photos and insights into Buddy's daily life!

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Dinosaur Sculpting

Ever wonder how they make those life-size dinosaurs? What material do they use to cast a T-Rex tooth? How do you use a dinosaur model to share the Gospel? Where can you find Willow's pawprint on the dinosaur in the Creation Museum? What do you use to make the skin look like that? How do you know what colors to paint them? What was the first dinosaur that Buddy ever sculpted?
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