Buddy Davis: Modeling and Dinosaur Sculpting


Buddy has spent most of the last twenty years sculpting models of dinosaurs (and other animals) for the the use of Answers in Genesis in their Creation Museum. That wasn't the beginning of his dinosaur sculpting, though. He was "famous" around his part of the state as "some guy with a bunch of dinosaurs in his woods". Even before that, he and his wife travelled the US (including Alaska), with the models loaded in a trailer, displaying them at various shopping centers, museums and other public places. God had His own plans, though, and that brings us back to Buddy's Answers in Genesis years.

This is Sarah's favorite section of the website. She's worked with Buddy to compile a list of all the models that he's made of dinosaurs and various creatures. Each name in the left-hand column represents a model. Just click on a name to see a photo and facts for that particular sculpture (facts available on most models).

Also, a lot of people ask Buddy how he got started in dinosaur sculpting, or what he uses for the modeling. (I mean, honestly, when's the last time someone asked you "Do you think I should be a dinosaur sculptor?") If you click on the "Making a Dino" tab, we've got a great interview with Buddy, answering all your questions.

Before you leave this page, though, take a couple of minutes to watch the video that we made of the "birthing" of a Utahraptor "fossil". (This is the "fossil" that you see in the Creation Museum in the dinosaur-dig display.) If you're interested in the same kind of video showing his T-rex in the Museum Dinosaur Den or the animatronic Diplodocus located in the Museum Lobby above the Special Effects Theatre, please click here to drop us a line.