Fiddle / Violin
Octave Mandolin
5-String Banjo
Bass Fiddle
Jaw Harp



Behind the Scenes: On Stage


This part of the website is still under construction.

Here you will be able to learn about all of the things that Buddy does when he is on stage! You'll also find out what goes on "behind the scenes" at a Buddy Davis event. We'll have photo albums of Buddy performing, setting up, greeting fans and more!

We've put up a partial list of Buddy's instruments in the left-hand column and have plans to post pictures, info and recordings of each. You'll even get to see Buddy's "instrument wall" in his Dining room!

If you are interested in seeing this section of the Fan Club finished, please let us know by sending an e-mail. We will be posting things in the order that we receive requests from you, the members. It really makes a difference, if you give us your opinion!

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Buddy Davis In Concert


Here are a few videos of Buddy "in concert" that we've filmed at various events. The first video here is a "Fan Club Exclusive"! The song is Amazing Grace and was filmed at Buddy's own church. Sarah is playing the violin, Steve Carmack and Charlie Hancock play the harmonicas and Buddy plays his dobro and fiddle.

This next song is I Believe, one of our favorite of Buddy's songs. This was taken at the 2005 Creation Mega Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Another song from the Mega Conference, Lord, We Need More Godly Men.