Behind the Scenes: Off Stage


This part of the website is still under construction.

Learn about all the things that Buddy does when he's not performing! We've got photos of Buddy recording CDs, practicing his music, designing a card game and more!

If you are interested in seeing this section of the Fan Club finished, please let us know by sending an e-mail. We will be posting things in the order that we receive requests from you, the members. It really makes a difference, if you give us your opinion!

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These two music videos will give you a small preview of the different things that we've got planned for this section of the site. This video shows Buddy (with the help of a few friends and neighbors) as he builds a new covered bridge across his stream.

Now we get to "tag along" with Buddy and Kay as they take a seven-day rafting/camping trip through the Grand Canyon. And look at that, Buddy even took a guitar along!