Buddy Davis Fan Club: About Us


Hi! We're Sarah & Elizabeth Garcia, co-founders of the Official Buddy Davis Fan Club. We, also, happen to be twin sisters. We've done lots of cool things together, but this is going to be one of the best. We're very happy about this ministry opportunity to reach out to Buddy's other fans. There's nothing fancy about our Club. Just a fun place for the family to spend a little time.

We've got plans for lots more videos, sing-alongs, interviews, activity pages and photo albums. We want to be good stewards with our time, though, so we need your input. We appreciate all friendly comments and suggestions, and we'd be grateful to anyone who will get the word out (print our website address in your bulletins and newsletters or link to us from your own blogs and websites).

By now, you're probably wondering what we get out of this. It isn't about money. We aren't making any money off this site (even your donations will go into making a better website). Our family has been praying for a personal ministry, since we quit travelling with Ken Ham and other Answers in Genesis speakers. As personal friends of Buddy & Kay Davis for many years, this Fan Club idea seemed an answer from God. So, we want to serve you. As Christ served.

Thanks for stopping by. Stop back often.
May the Truth of God's Word lift you up.

Sarah & Elizabeth