About Buddy: Biography


Buddy Davis is many things. Speaker. Singer. Songwriter. Dinosaur Sculptor. Author. Adventurer. But, more than anything, Buddy is a born-again Christian. A "sinner saved by grace". A believer in the one Triune God, made man in Jesus Christ. Buddy has used his many God-given gifts to share the Gospel and the message of a literal six-day creation (both as clearly written in God's Word, the Bible). Most of his current work is done with "Answers in Genesis" and the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, giving concerts and lectures and conducting children's workshops.

Before becoming a paleo-artist, Buddy was a tool dresser (working with his Dad on oil wells), a dog groomer, and a licensed taxidermist. For a few years, he lived in Nashville, pursuing a musical career. It was there that he met his wife, Kay. (They had been born and grown up just a few miles from each other in central Ohio, but didn't meet and fall in love until Nashville.)

Around 1980, Buddy sculpted his first dinosaur model. Since then, he has made more than 60 life-size dinosaur and reptile models, including a 40-ft.-long T-Rex. In the early '90s, he began working with Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis as a speaker, singer, and sculptor. Many of his dinosaurs are now on display in the Creation Museum. (Watch the 23-minute video of his Personal Testimony, and you'll hear the story of his first meeting with Ken.)

Buddy's real-life adventures include Grand Canyon raft trips, dinosaur digs, dinosaur-bone hunting in Alaska, and even a trip to search for Noah's Ark.

Buddy has written many Christian songs, the main purpose of which is to uphold the authority of God's Word. Who can't help but memorize the classic Creation poem, "Billions of Dead Things, Buried in Rock Layers", now that Buddy has set it to music? "Soar" will encourage you to rise above the trials of life. The "7Cs of History" have never been so easy to learn. In addition to writing and performing, Buddy plays a variety of instruments (the guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and banjo, to mention just a few). His easy-to-listen-to and folksy style entertains and ministers to people of all ages around the world.

Buddy is an easy-to-understand, entertaining speaker. Able to speak to adults and children, he covers a variety of topics pertaining to Creation and the authority of Scripture. He also speaks at wild game dinners, sharing stories and the Gospel message in a very personal and unique way.

Buddy has written and/or illustrated many children's books, including When Dragons' Hearts were Good, Whale of a Story, and the Marvels of Creation series. He also co-authored The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure, telling the story of his search for dinosaur bones in Alaska.

Buddy and his wife, Kay, are great animal lovers and have had many different kinds of pets. Dogs, cats, chickens, deer, even a skunk! They currently have three dogs: two Golden Retrievers (Buffy and KC) and an English Setter named Cricket. Blackie, the cat, just wandered in one day years ago and found a happy home.

With all of his gifts, Buddy's purpose in life is to share the Gospel and help people understand that God's word is true from the very beginning. This chorus from one of his songs says it all:
"When the world sees me, I pray they think that they've seen you."

(This biography was written by the Garcias, close friends of the Davises. Buddy did not write all these things about himself.)